What we do

LaunchEquity Partners LLC is an investment firm that establishes a long term, strategic advisory relationship with an emerging business. The combination of capital, experience and consultation leads to a constructive partnership. From this strong base a young business has a better opportunity to reach its full potential.

LaunchEquity Partners is not a traditional venture capital fund that makes many investments in hopes that a few will be successful. We make few and work to ensure they are all successful.

About Us

LaunchEquity Partners LLC is an investment firm that partners with emerging businesses to enable them to be successful. We provide a combination of capital, experience and strategic partnership.

Established in 2006, we have been very focused in our approach. Currently our private companies are combined within a single platform company, Peaksware Holdings LLC located in Boulder, Colorado. You can learn more about Peaksware in this video featuring Boulder's innovative businesses.

  • MakeMusic

    MakeMusic develops software to transform how music is composed, taught, learned, and performed.


  • Alfred

    Alfred Music is the world's largest educational music publisher and has been helping teachers, students, professionals, and hobbyist experience the joy of making music since 1922.


  • Training Peaks

    TrainingPeaks develops software for coaches and athletes to track, analyze and plan endurance training.


  • Best Bike Split

    Best Bike Split develops software to predict race performance and create power based training and race plans.


  • Train Heroic

    TrainHeroic develops software to solve the strength and conditioning needs of coaches and athletes.



Andy Stephens

LaunchEquity Partners LLC has been led by Andy Stephens since inception. Andy is currently Chairman and CEO at Peaksware LLC and also serves as Chairman and strategic advisor to each of our portfolio companies.

Andy began his investment career in 1987 at Strong Capital Management. He then joined Artisan Partners (APAM:nyse) in 1997 and was a Portfolio Manager and Managing Director up until his retirement from Artisan in March 2018.

Kathy Eurich

Kathy Eurich is the COO of LaunchEquity Partners LLC. She has been a part of LaunchEquity Partners since its inception, working on day-to-day operations. She also brings 12 years of prior marketing and advertising experience to LaunchEquity.

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